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Auction Explorer is an add-on for Internet Explorer to track auctions
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Auction Explorer is an add-on for Internet Explorer to track auctions. The application installs itself into Internet Explorer and adds an icon onto the default toolbar. Once you enable it, you will see a tab form on the left side of the window. Ideally, you can use this application to track your bids and your won auctions, and to search for products on eBay.

There are plenty of fields to add search terms. You can simply search by name, or you can look for open auctions that end at a specified time, or even input a minimum and maximum price and start from there. You can also include titles and descriptions to your search. A geographical search finishes the package, with support for postal code and country.

In practice, however, this application is a piece of trash. I can see what the developer thought when he created it. Every time you do anything with Auction Explorer, you don't do it through eBay, you are taken to a redirection service, which I think should display adds and give the developer some money each time you do something. But now that redirection service rejects all the links, so the application is basically useless. I would STRONGLY suggest that you don't install or use this application.

José Fernández
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